It’s a choice. No excuses.

I May Step On Some Toes With This Post:

 Let me make some things really clear for you and anyone else that may need a slight reality check – Last time I checked it took two people to create a child. When you laid down with these females and brought these beautiful babies into this World, they became YOUR responsibility as well. Your child/ren should be your top priority at all times! I couldn’t imagine not seeing my child yet alone speaking to him! Now, I know the topic of CHILD SUPPORT can be a touchy subject but I’m taking it there on this day! I can’t vouch for others but as for myself and my family, we believe in many opportunities to support your child. Something simple as coming to see them would suffice. You choose not to! Now when you are seen in the club making it rain, in a new outfit every week, and buying all the alcohol you can possibly drink…it becomes a problem! (and this may not be the exact scenario for this you specifically but you catch my drift!) At what point do you stop and ask yourself, “Has my child ate? Does he/she need anything?” 9 times out of 10 – You don’t! And that is why there is CHILD SUPPORT! “Child support refers to the sum that the noncustodial parent must pay to the custodian. This sum serves as a parental contribution for the child’s basic living expenses, such as food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education.” It is not intended to rob you of your hard earned money or “bleed your pockets dry”…. I am for child support! Yes, there are those that abuse this assistance and place one on child support for all the wrong reasons and to those that do, Shame On You! But not I. In all actuality after a while, it gets to the point, where you don’t even want the money. For What? And why am I having to force you to handle your business?!?! You are asked to pay $60/month (referring to this situation ONLY) and you complain about it?!?! Do you really know how costly it gets raising a child? No you have no idea because you don’t have to do it! As a parent, we can’t pick when and when we don’t want to take care of our child. It’s a daily responsibility! My child will ALWAYS be my top priority over anything! I will ALWAYS be on the grind for my child! 

And then I receive a call where someone has made a Facebook status bashing parents that expect fathers to pay child support but do not allow them to see their child. I immediately get upset! But remind myself that, I wouldn’t expect anything less of this individual. Now, I repeat I am not the type of person to react as some might, but he called this parent out of her name. One thing I can’t stand is the use of the word B*@#$! How dare you call the MOTHER OF YOUR CHILD out of her name and proceed to fill these folks on here up with lies! If you decide to tell something, you make sure you tell it all and make sure it’s the truth! You talk crazy about the woman that IS taking care of your child and you do it on Facebook?!?!?! Where is her credit for picking up your slack? You are right, if I were her mother, I would not allow you to see her either if you can’t be consistent in doing so. You don’t get to decide when you want to see her (maybe once a year on a specific holiday of some sort!) This does more damage than you think! I’ve been there and I know what it feels like to not have my dad in the picture. And not because my mom kept me away from him by any means! It sucks! You have to do better! Fathers – You have to do better! Step up and take responsibility! I will never force you to come see your child. I will never remind you that you haven’t come to visit in a few weeks. I shouldn’t have to. Who doesn’t want to know that at the age of 6, their child was already testing on a 3rd grade level? Or that they ran a home run at their FIRST baseball game? Or that they love the color red? Or they enjoying drawing and is actually pretty good at it for their age? We will not try to play both roles in raising these children. Honestly, we will just find MEN who will! It’s about choices! No more excuses! I later began thinking of other options that would allow a father to see his child (if for some reason the mother made it so difficult for that to happen) and I stumbled across the idea of contacting the court system! So explain to me again how you did everything you could to see your child? Point made.
I am blessed to not have to rely on child support or any form of government assistance and I work hard for EVERYTHING I have without ANY handouts! I dare some of you part-time fathers to try to walk a day in some of these mother’s shoes! I also am very thankful for my AMAZING support system from my family that will make sure, my child doesn’t want for anything EVER. Not because they have to BUT because they don’t want to see me struggle (as we all have dealt with!) and want nothing but the best for my child! God I thank you for my son, Caleb! ” We are well able to overcome it.” – Numbers 13:30. He is truly my motivation! Oh and super smart as well! I am raising the next president over here! 🙂 With the continued help of the Lord, our children WILL be just fine! 

To the Mothers and/or Fathers that may be dealing with something like this, Keep up the good work! You are amazing and they will continue to make us proud! #GodBlessYouAll #WeGonBeAlright #ShoutOutToTheOnesHandlingBusiness

#ShoutoutToTheMenSteppingUp – You are appreciated and it does not go unnoticed! Much Love! #NoExcuses #DefinitelyNoHandOuts #BlessedAndHighlyFavored #RantOver


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